Performing Ensemble

Kenny Endo & Taiko Center of the Pacific on New Year’s Day

TCP Performing Ensemble performs a variety of musical forms including kumi daiko, Edo Bayashi, Edo Kotobuki Jishi (lion dance from Edo), as well as Endo’s contemporary styles combining taiko with various instruments such as vibraphone, koto, woodwinds and other percussion. The TCP Performing Ensemble emphasizes musicality, technique, form and excellence.

Members: Kenny Endo, Chizuko Endo, Kirstin Pauka, Eric Chang, Brock Asato, Sho’on Shibata, Kellie Matsudaira, Elizabeth Mager, Lani Villanueva, and Lucy Polanzi.

Trainees: Tanya Downer and Josie Hung.

The TCP Performing Ensemble is available for:
  • small and large performances
  • corporate events
  • demonstrations
  • concerts
  • celebration events (weddings, baby luaus, anniversary parties, etc)
  • festivals
  • parades
  • educational programs:
  •  workshops
  • residencies

For bookings, contact:  taikoarts@gmail.com808-737-7236

Performance Videos:


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