TCP Fellowship FAQ

1) What kind of budget do I need?
Your monthly budget depends largely on your individual needs, the type of accommodations you require, and the activities you engage in outside of taiko.  Former and current fellows have managed on a budget of as little as $1000 per month and have shared that $2000 per month can provide a comfortable living.

2) How do I find housing?
TCP provides as much help as possible, although the actual securing of housing is largely dependent on the efforts of individual TCP Fellows.  All of our fellows have always been able to find suitable accommodations through local housing listings and other avenues.

3) In what area do I ideally want to live?
As you will be spending many hours at Taiko Center of the Pacific, we recommend securing housing as close as possible to Washington Middle School (home of TCP’s classes and rehearsals) located at 1633 S King St., Honolulu, HI 96826.

Convenient neighborhoods include:
Ala Moana

If you have access to personal and reliable transportation, such as a moped, you may be able to live further out in neighborhoods such as Nuuanu, Kaimuki, and Palolo.

4) What is around Washington Middle School?
Washington Middle School is located in the heart of Honolulu in close proximity to a huge number of shops, markets, restaurants, and activities.  Don Quijote is just a few blocks away, a 15-minute walk will take you to the famous Ala Moana Shopping Center, a 20-minute walk will take you to the sandy beaches and blue waters of Ala Moana Beach Park or to the entrance of the ever-popular Waikiki.  For a quick snack between rehearsals or classes, a brief walk in almost any direction will take you to a diverse array of eateries.

5) What kind of transportation do you recommend?
Hawai‘i has a bus system, Biki bikes throughout Downtown to Waikiki, as well as Uber and Lyft which have sufficiently served the needs of many TCP Fellows.  Most fellows have done just fine with a bicycle or bus pass and ride-sharing with other members of the team.  Of course, owning a moped or automobile cuts down on travel time and opens up greater access to the numerous experiences and activities Honolulu has to offer.  Purchasing a car has not been necessary for past fellows.

 6) Will I get to perform?
Opportunities to perform are dependent on each individual’s level of skill and mastery of performance repertoire as determined by the Artistic Director.  Many Fellows have enjoyed numerous appearances with the TCP Performance Team, and all are invited to participate in TCP’s annual Bonenkai as well as the TCP Trainee’s Recital.

7) How do I find a job?
LinkedIn, Craigslist, Facebook, Indeed and many other platforms post numerous local job opportunities daily.  If you speak another language, especially Japanese, Hawai‘i’s massive tourism and hospitality industry may be a good fit for you and is always hiring.

8) What kind of activities are there to do outside of taiko?
In Honolulu you have access to incredible urban experiences as well as countless outdoor activities. Beautiful public beaches and parks, incredible hiking trails and ocean sports are in abundance alongside everything a bustling city has to offer including museums, a thriving nightlife, musical performances, theatres, clubs, athletics and more.  O’ahu is a melting pot of cultures with something for everyone, and there are numerous events taking place across the city every single day.

9) Is there an option for me to stay after my Fellowship is completed?
The fellowship typically begins when the fellow arrives, although it is best to begin in the fall to align with the start of TCP’s trainee program.  Once their fellowship year is up, TCP Fellows are welcome to continue as a regular TCP student OR as a trainee/member of the performance team dependent on the discretion of the Artistic Director.  In special circumstances, re-applying for the fellowship may also be an option.