Melodic Instrument Classes

Intro to Shinobue

(Japanese transverse bamboo flute)

The shinobue is a melodic instrument closely linked with taiko. It is often played together with taiko in Japanese traditional and festival music, and it has become a virtuosic instrument in its own right. Learn the basics of this instrument, including tone, fingering, breath control, and some Japanese folk songs.
A limited number of plastic rental shinobue are available upon request for a small fee.

Instructor: Elizabeth Mager

Minyo Shamisen

(traditional Japanese folk shamisen)

Shamisen is a 3-stringed Japanese lute. Minyo pieces are often performed during breaks between work, as entertainment, dance accompaniment, or as part of religious rituals. Learn the basics of minyo shamisen playing including: how to hold the shamisen and bachi (plectrum); practice exercises; and practice pieces. A limited number of rental shamisen will be available upon request for a small fee.