Yosuke Oda

Yosuke Oda is a very energetic and intense taiko artist who always pushes himself to the max. He entered the world-famous Kodo apprenticeship program in 1999 and was a full-fledged member of the group from 2003-2017. He is now a solo taiko artist and continues to passionately pursue the true sound of the drum. He is a prolific composer and an awesome odaiko and Miyake Daiko soloist. He composed Ake no Myojo, a piece for female performers featuring taiko, dance, and song in the production, “One Earth Tour: Mystery.” He directed the “Earth Celebration 2013” Shiroyama Concert “Shukusai” and was portrayed the dramatic lead role of Susano’o in the Tokyo and Kyoto performances of “Amaterasu” in 2013. Yosuke is a great motivator and encourages drummers to play every beat with heart and soul.