Spring Session I begins January 20th

TAPPING into the Rhythm of the Universe

Spring Session I will be offered ONLINE. Please join us in continuing the beat!

Spring Session I 2022 Schedule:

12-12:30 pm – Taiko Tots
1-1:55 pm – Adult Beginning Taiko I
2-2:55 pm – Youth Beginning Taiko I
3-3:55 pm – Youth Beginning Taiko II
4-4:55 pm – Youth Performing Ensemble & Trainees

5:30-6:25 pm – Hachijo Taiko
6:30-7:25 pm – Taiko Set *NEW COURSE!*

Taiko Set – The practice and performance techniques of playing multiple taiko will be covered in this course, among them:  stance, grip, basic grooves, independence, moving from drum to drum, soloing, traditional Japanese rhythms, and the art of accompaniment. 16th note back beat (as found in rock and funk), Brazilian, Cuban, and patterns from Kotobuki Jishi (Tokyo Lion Dance drumming) will be covered.

5:30-6:25 pm – Adult Beginning Taiko II
6:30-7:25 pm – Drills for Skills

TO REGISTER, visit “store” above or https://taiko-center-of-the-pacific-387153.square.site/

Happy New Year! 新年おめでとうございます!今年もどうぞう宜しくお願いします。

Due to the pandemic, Spring Session I will continue Online! Please JOIN US!

From ALL of us at Taiko Center of the Pacific!
JOIN us in CELEBRATION of the New Year on January 1st

9:30 am “The Grove” at the Royal Hawaiian Center

12 noon Ala Moana Center Stage

2 pm Ala Moana Ewa Stage

and….on Sunday January 16tth at 4 pm, Kenny Endo, Taiko Center of the Pacific, and the TCP Youth Group will be LIVE, in a HYBRID CONCERT at the University of Hawaii’s Orvis Auditorium

FLASH – the January 16th hybrid concert has been postponed to February 5, 2022 as a safety precaution due to the rise in covid numbers. Those who registered for the Jan 16th concert should contact csinfo@hawaii.edu regarding refund/transfer to new date.

FEEL the VIBRATIONS! IN PERSON or ONLINE, a Hybrid Concert broadcast from Orvis Auditorium, UH

For Tickets for the IN PERSON concert, visit:

For Tickets for the ON LINE concert, visit:

NEW!!! To purchase tickets to view the 2.5.2022 UH concert on line:

TCP’s 28th Annual Bonenkai

TCP celebrates the End-of-the-Year with a virtual Bonenkai. Bring a snack/bento and your drink of choice and join the Live Chat at the Bonenkai Premier on Saturday December 18th at 11 am (HST). Classes which have continued throughout the pandemic will share what they have been studying online.

TCP’s Bonenkai will be available for viewing through the end of the year. Subscribe to Taiko Center of the Pacific’s youtube channel and get notified of new video uploads!

Subscribe at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4EdItAeJHk