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STI 2018 Courses
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Korean Changgo Hourglass Drum – Instructor TBA (all levels)
The Korean changgo is the predecessor to the Japanese katsugi/slingdrum. The heads produce different pitch and timbre, representing the harmony of man and woman. TBA (5 days) TBA
Hana Hachijo – Instructor TBA (all levels)
Elegant, graceful, and powerful, Hana Hachijo is an interpretation of a folk drumming style from Hachijo island- one of the few places in Japan where women have traditionally been allowed to drum.

A rare opportunity to learn from one of the greatest. Learn philosophy, methodology (re: posture, movement, balance), jiuchi patterns, typical Hachijo rhythmic patterns, how to develop one’s solo, and more.

TBA (5 days) TBA
Shimedaiko – Instructor TBA (all levels)
Edo-Bayashi shimedaiko technique is practical for all size drums.  TBA (5 days) TBA
Tsugaru Shamisen – Instructor TBA  (all levels)
A percussive style of shamisen playing from the cold Tsugaru region of Aomori prefecture. Larger and with thicker strings than that used for most other styles, the Tsugaru shamisen. Considered to be the most recognized genre of shamisen music, it is growing more and more popular because of its percussive quality and the lilt of the rhythms performed. TBA (3 days) TBA
Odaiko – Big Drum to Da Max! – Instructor TBA (all levels)
TBA TBA (5 days) TBA
Yokouchi – Taiko to Da Max! Instructor TBA (all levels)
TBA TBA (5 days) TBA
Japanese Festival Music  – Instructor TBA (all levels)
Learn Festival Drumming from different parts of Japan including Fukuoka, Chiba, and others. Students will learn the taiko, kane (hand held gong), and fue (flute) parts of the ensemble. A fun, spirited class! TBA (5 days) TBA