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Schedule Overview


Spring I 2020

1/9 – 2/24 (6 weeks)      (NO class on Jan 23; Feb 16, 17)                                                                                                            

Spring II 2020

3/8 – 4/19 (6 weeks)      (NO class on April 12)

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent stay-at-home orders from the local governments, the rest of Spring II has been canceled.  The Spring III start date has been pushed back to May.  Please stay tuned for further updates on our class schedule and presentation.

Spring III 2020

NEW DATES:  5/3 – 6/29 (8 weeks)    

Summer I 2020


Summer Taiko Intensives 2020

Due to the coronavirus situation, Summer Taiko Intensive 2020 has been postponed.

8/2 (1 day ONLY with Kyosuke Suzuki, master of Edo Bayashi, Japanese Festival Music and Edo Kotobuki Jishi, the traditional lion dance of old Tokyo)

Summer II 2020

8/3- 8/30  (4 weeks)

Fall I 2020 

9/8- 10/19  (6 weeks)

Fall II 2020

10/20- 12/10  (6 weeks)    NO class on: Nov 19, 22, 23, 24)

BONENKAI:  12/12


Due to the coronavirus situation, the 45th Anniversary Concert has been POSTPONED.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Kenny Endo 45th Anniversary Concert honoring ethnomusicologists

William P Malm and

Barbara B Smith

with Noel Okimoto, Dean Taba, Jeff Peterson, and other special guests TBA


Due to the coronavirus situation, the Summer Taiko Intensive has been POSTPONED.

2020 Summer Taiko Intensive

August 2, 2020   ONE DAY ONLY with Kyosuke Suzuki of Tokyo, master of Edo Bayashi (Japanese festival music of old Tokyo) and Edo Kotobuki Jishi (traditional lion dance of old Tokyo)


2020 Summer Taiko Intensive with Kyosuke Suzuki

8/2  (SUNDAY,  1 day ONLY)

Kyosuke Suzuki from the Wakayama Shachu of Tokyo

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