STI 2015

Summer Taiko Intensive 2015

Summer Taiko Intensive with Shoji Kameda (ON Ensemble), Chris Shigeo Holland (Amanojaku), and Kenny Endo (Taiko Center of the Pacific)
Dates: July 20 – 24, 2015 (5 Days)

4 different 5-day intensive workshops are offered for beginners, intermediate and advance levels

Special 2015 Summer Intensive for Youth and Families

Taiko FUNdamentals for Youth (Age 5-10)
Dates: July 20, 22, and 24, 2015
Taiko FUNdamentals for Families (Age 3-5 with parent/familiar adult)
Dates: July 21, 23

2015 Special Workshops in August with Masato Baba
Dates: August 10 and August 11, 2015

Special 2-hour workshops with Masato Baba

A star studded cast of workshops instructors!
**Low cost temporary housing and shuttle service available upon request; interested parties please contact:

Location: Washington Middle School Choral Room
1633 S. King Street, Honolulu, HI 96826 (corner of King & Punahou Streets)
FREE parking is in the school King Street lot ONLY. Enter from King Street.

2015 Summer Taiko Intensive

Class Description Schedule Class Fee
CHUDAIKO BASICS with Kenny Endo (Beginner-Intermediate levels)
Fundamental basics for performing on the “chudaiko” (medium-sized drums), naname (slant) style. Stance, grip, hitting techniques, form, basic rhythms, training tips, maximizing sounds, and relaxing. M-F(5 days) 9-10:45am $160 (adults)$140 (youth to age 17)
OMIYAGE “Gift” with Shoji Kameda (all levels)
Develop the technique and concepts behind “Omiyage,” a piece offered to and popularly performed throughout the taiko community. Beautiful fluid movements. M-F(5 days) 11:15am-1pm $160 (adults)$140 (youth to age 17)
LION CHANT with Shoji Kameda (intermediate-advanced levels)
The inter-locking patterns help improve one’s timing, listening skills, and independence between left and right hands. M-F(5 days) 5:15pm-7:00pm $160 (adults)$140 (youth to age 17)
SOLOING and IMPROVISATION with Kenny Endo and Chris Holland (all levels)
Internalizing the beat, soloing within a group context, timing, and performing as a soloist will be covered. Spontaneity, phrasing, and thematic soloing will be introduced. A great improvised solo will not only raise the energy level of performance but also transport people to another place. Explore the creativity you have within yourself. M-F(5 days) 7:15pm-9:00pm $160 (adults)$140 (youth to age 17)


Class Description Schedule Class Fee
“Develop a Fun Midare Taiko Solo” with Masato Baba
Midare Uchi is a fun soloing piece made famous by Sukeroku Daiko. It has become a very popular piece. Developing your own Midare solo would be a fun way to improve your taiko skills and soloing technique. Aug 10, 5-7 pm $35
“Movement for Taiko Drumming” with Masato Baba
Maz is a very natural musician and began playing taiko at the age of 6. He has a very distinctive drumming style that features a lot of powerful movement. The workshop will focus on developing and understanding movement for taiko. Aug 11, 7-9 pm $35

Profiles of Special 2015 TCP Summer Taiko Intensive Workshop Instructors:

Kenny Endo

2015 Summer Taiko Intensive Workshop Leader, and
Artistic Director of Taiko Center of the Pacific
A performer, composer, and leader of contemporary taiko, Kenny Endo celebrates 40 years of taiko this year. He has paved new directions for taiko, bringing a creative approach to music through his background in Japanese percussion, world music, and Western drumming. Endo is a former professional with Oedo Sukeroku Taiko of Tokyo and has the distinction of being the first non-Japanese national to receive a natori, stage name and master’s license in hogaku hayashi, classical Japanese drumming.

Shoji Kameda

2015 Summer Taiko Intensive Workshop Leader
from On Ensemble
A gifted musician, composer, and producer, Shoji Kameda started his taiko career at age eight with Shasta Taiko. He is the former taiko drummer with Grammy-nominated jazz-fusion ensemble Hiroshima. He is also a founding member of TaikoProject and On Ensemble and former member of the Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble, Taiko Center of the Pacific (TCP) instructor, and TCP Youth Group Director. He has composed for the Audience Award winning documentary “The Megumi Yokota Story,” NBC TV show “Heroes,” and performed with Stevie Wonder at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

Chris Holland

2015 Summer Taiko Intensive Workshop Leader
from Tokyo’s Shudan Amanojaku
Chris grew up playing taiko at festivals and events throughout Colorado with Denver Taiko. He is a former Junior Denver Taiko group leader, Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble member, Taiko Center of the Pacific (TCP) instructor, and TCP Youth Group director. He has been a professional with Taiko Shudan Amanojaku, one of Tokyo’s top taiko groups since 2006. As a professional, he has played extensively throughout Japan as well as overseas to rave review and high acclaim.

Masato Baba

Special August 2015 Workshop Leader
from TaikoProject and On Ensemble

A natural musician, “Maz” began playing taiko at age six under his parents, jazz musician Russel Baba and taiko drummer Jeanne Mercer, founders of Shasta Taiko. He is a former Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble member, Taiko Center of the Pacific (TCP) instructor, and TCP Youth Group director. Currently, Maz is a key artistic lead with popular TAIKOPROJECT and innovative On Ensemble in Los Angeles.