Special Workshop (7/17) “Ei Ja Nai Ka?” by PJ Hirabayashi

The inspiration for Ei Ja Nai Ka (EJNK) came from the high energy of Japanese festivals and folk dances, such as Kyushu’s Kokura Gion Matsuri and Awa Odori of Shikoku. EJNK is dedicated to the Issei (the first Japanese immigrants to America) and celebrates Japanese American history through movements that reflect the Issei’s work in agriculture, mining, and railroad construction. In recent years, EJNK has expanded beyond San Jose Taiko and is included in a growing number of North American Obon festivals.

Ei Ja Nai Ka is also one of several shared experiences used to bring people together under the idea of TaikoPeace. TaikoPeace, created by PJ Hirabayashi, is a movement, mindset, and mantra dedicated to unleash creativity, spark new connections of co-creativity, and heal the human spirit through the dynamic energy of taiko drumming. Inspired by Karen Armstrong’s Charter for Compassion, TaikoPeace seeks to amplify positive social change through personal transformation among all people. To learn more visit: http://pjhirabayashi.com

Date: July 17, 2016 (Sunday)
Time: 4-6pm
Location: Washington Middle School

Adults: $35
Youth (age 8-17): $25
Families (adult + 1 child to age 7): $35
Families (adult + 1 child ages 8-17): $45

Discount available for those who participated on 5/1 “En Ja Nai Ka?” Workshop
Adult: $20
Youth (age 8-17): $15
Families (adult + 1 child to age 7): $20
Families (adult + 1 child ages 8-17): $30

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PJ Hirabayashi, a Bay Area native, is a founding member of SJT and the group’s Artistic Director Emeritus. Considered a pioneer of North American taiko, she is recognized in the international taiko community for her distinctive performance and teaching styles that combine movement, dance, drumming, joy, and energy.

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