Tyrone Nakawatase interviews our very own Chizuko Endo on “Talkin’ Taiko with Tyrone”

Chizuko Endo recently gave an interview on Episode 46 of the popular taiko podcast, “Talkin’ Taiko with Tyrone!” According to Tyrone’s Facebook page:

“In part 1, we get to hear about Chizuko’s first exposure to taiko in the mid 70s through Kinnara Taiko and then becoming a member of San Francisco Taiko Dojo. In the 1980s Chizuko lived in Japan and we find out that it Taiko was not the art form that drew her to Japan but something else…. listen to find out! As the 1990s started Chizuko found her way to Hawaii where she still lives today.”

Please have a listen to Parts I and II!